Welcome to the PCR Collective!

PCR cafeWe are the staff of Pirate Cat Radio, a thriving community of radio DJs who broadcast our eclectic selection of tunes, news and views to the world from San Francisco’s Mission district.

The PCR community in various forms, has been making unique broadcasts for the past fifteen years. Since 2008 we’ve been operating from a community space in San Francisco at 21st and Florida. We’re open to visitors seven days a week, all are welcome to drop by to watch our shows, listen to regular live music and spoken word performances, and to sample the delights of our cafe.

If you can’t make it to the studio today, listen online! You can listen to our live shows right here.

PCR InteriorWe’re currently restructuring our collective, and also re-developing our website. Throughout this time we are still broadcasting and our community space remains open

Will publish the broadcast schedule shortly…for now, we’ll be broadcasting intermittently via UStream. Please bear with us during this exciting transition.



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